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Sociale Records (Pty) Ltd is an independent record production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our role is to support and promote emerging and established artists across the world; releasing music, organising events, developing brands and artists, as well as securing press coverage for the acts signed to our label.

Our Artists



Driven by his obsession with audio, Tirus introduces us to an out of world experience with heavily his auto-tuned vocals that standing out on hard beats and melodies. Eminent for his versatility and ability to tap into one’s emotion through relatable topics and cut throat content.

You can hear the African ethnicity in his music even though his content is well received on an international scale as he experiments with the popular genres in the mainstream.



A versatile artist and composer with an impeccable talent in songwriting, composing, production as well as playing multiple instruments. Identifiable by his unique afro-pop sound fused with hip-hop drums, which is all accompanied by his mellow African accented vocals.

The “Shadow” part of his artist name was given to him by his peers for his passion and obsession in the video game Shadow Fighter. Nobody could have imagined it becoming the brand identity for his musical career.

Our Work

Why Are We Different?

Quality Audio

Our team has an experienced audio engineer who makes it a sure case that our company's and clients' content quality comes first.

Deeply Commited

Every team member understands the goal and vision of the company. We are connected by our personal stories that commit us to one goal.

Highly Skilled

The company has well-equipped members who make a professional contribution in their designated fields and departments.

Our Clients

Providing quality content for leading customers and brands.

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